Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Release candidate + date - 1.0.938

Version 1.0.938 of Worklog Assistant for JIRA time tracking has been released. This is the first release candidate. This means I don't plan to add any features until release.

There are a few usability and outright bug fixes, including but not limited to:
  • Proper Unicode support - Please let me know if you experience different
  • Multi-line edits in a worklog comment are now enabled
  • Pending worklogs column geometries are also saved

Thanks to those of you who have sent your general feedback and any bugs you've encountered. Your licenses will be on their way at release time! If your trials have run out, please let me know.

Speaking of the release date, I've tentatively set this to be Jan 19, 2009. This should be enough time to stabilize any bugs in this build.

What's next

As I am not adding any features, the main thing remaining to do is to implement the Ubuntu installer. I am unsure whether there are any Mac users who are needing WLA so I will hold off until there is a need.

Looking at the list of stuff to do, a few things jump out at me:

  • When publishing a worklog, add the same worklog as a comment - Likely, this will be implemented via a checkbox column in the pending worklogs tab.
  • Ability to update the estimate when publishing a worklog.
I've got about 20 more improvements scheduled but these are my favourites. My criteria for choosing is based only on usability and functionality. If it will help a bunch of people, I'll do it. This is a not-so-subtle message to you saying that if you've got some improvements you'd like to see, send them my way. You've done a damn fine job so far :-)

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We strongly believe that tracking your time properly is the first step to deterministic software development. If you feel that you have been guessing or you can't be bothered to remember to log time, Worklog Assistant might be for you!

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