Monday, March 23, 2009

Lucky Cat release (naming releases is fun)

A great release is available today! A lot of these changes are starting to be user directed which makes me very happy. There are two major additions that I would like to point out:
I know it might not seem like much but for me, doing the Mac build was a gigantic engineering effort. I still can't believe I'm shipping software on 3 platforms without batting an eyelash. I may be losing some sleep though :-)

Happy time tracking and have a good week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

See, I wasn't lying (Mac beta)

Worklog Assistant is now available for the Mac!

  • This is a beta
  • Identical to Windows and Linux
  • Universal binary (Intel or PPC)
  • Tested on OSX 10.5 - should work on 10.4, let me know if it doesn't
Get it while it's hot!

Please submit all feedback about anything that you love or hate about it.

Thanks again to the early testers! If there are no show stoppers, this will be released next week along with a bunch of other updates.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stable release delayed until next week

I'm rescheduling this week's stable release till next week since there is a bunch more testing that needs to be done on custom fields. For custom fields, I've had positive feedback from early testers (thank you!) so I am confident with the feature. However, I have not been able to spend as much time in testing as I would have liked so some more still needs to be done.

If you are pining for custom field functionality, please do try the beta version which is always available at

Mac update: The icons show up now! I've also been studying other Mac software disk images and I hope that WLA will have a first-class Mac experience as a result. That beta will be available some time this week.

Thanks and have a good week!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Custom fields (new beta uploaded)

As promised earlier, a new beta has been uploaded with support for custom fields. Please note that there are levels of custom field support. For best support, you must install a plugin for your JIRA server. This plugin is documented here. The installation is a simple file copy.

If you install the plugin, you will also see values for a few new fields relating to time estimates: remaining estimate, original estimate and time spent.

This is quite possibly the biggest release in terms of number of people asking for this feature so I am happy to put up a beta. Please give it a run through and let me know of any problems. If no problems are found, I will make a formal release next week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New release (1.0.1062)

A new release of Worklog Assistant is available:
My favourite new feature is the ability to add an arbitrary set of issues to any returned filter. This feature was suggested by a user (thanks Sarah!) and I managed to go through a couple of iterations with a user online who was very helpful in pointing out issues and potential improvements (thanks Andy!) I can already tell you how useful this feature has been for me:
  • I marked TRACKER-118 (the above feature) as completed
  • Andy informed me of some usability issues
  • I typed in TRACKER-118 into the field, hit Enter
  • Right-clicked issue -> Workflow -> Reopen issue
  • Double-click to start tracking time again
Pretty sweet.

Support for custom fields (the biggest feature request) are almost completed in a branch and I hope to upload that to the beta site in the next few days. If you are interested in custom fields, please do try it out. I will make an announcement here when it is available. Note that support for custom fields (as well as some other features) will require installation of a RPC plugin to JIRA.

The Mac port is so close to complete, I am pretty upset that it isn't. The only issue is that I cannot get the darn icon to show up as the icon for the app bundle. If anyone reading would like to help me with that, send me an email and I'll send you the bundle. Otherwise I expect this to be uploaded to the beta site as well in the next few days once this issue is solved.

Thanks and have a good week!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beam me up! (New release + Mac)

Hello again.

This week has some updates to make Worklog Assistant work nicely with enterprise ("Beam me up!") deployments. The main changes are:
  • Ability to restrict visible filters via an "admin" console
  • Fully scriptable deployment including license installation
See the release notes (which are more or less a link to the docs!)

WLA is almost Mac capable (just got the Mac yesterday!) so if you are willing to help test on the Mac, send me an email. Please specify your version of the operating system, Intel v. PPC, as well as any suggestions you may have that would make it more "Mac-like". Though I'm also told I have to yet make it "Windows-like" :-)

Right now I'm thinking I need the following:
  • Universal binary
  • App Bundle
Did I get it right?

Thanks and have a good week.

Update: Here is WLA running under Mac. Got my work cut out for me...

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