Monday, January 12, 2009

Ok... one more (and extended release date)

So I needed to get JUST one more real feature in (isn't that always the way?) That is, update notification. As I plan to provide upgrades as part of the purchase of a license key, I would be doing people a disservice if there was no way to notify users of an update.

The main thing I wanted to be sure of was that if the update logic was broken, I could fix it without requiring an upgrade. The way I did this was to hit up a server controlled by me that would send the client's app version and the server would send a HTTP status code. 200 for new upgrade, 404 for nope.

I also wanted to be sure that if the client could not contact the update server for whatever reason, that it didn't impede the usage of the application.

Since this feature needs a while to bake, I'm extending the beta by two more weeks to end Feb 2, 2009. If you find any issues with this new feature which make it a misfeature or you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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