Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New release (1.0.1531) - improve efficiency by customizing

This new release has a few new features and improvements. One is an improved update experience which has been a long time coming! There are also some JIRA worklog and time tracking-related improvements. You can find more in the release notes linked above.

The biggest, something I've been itching for myself, is the capability to extend Worklog Assistant by adding your own custom commands. In a nutshell, you can attach and execute a shell script against any JIRA issue and Worklog Assistant passes down the issue fields as environment variables. For example, the key is passed down as the "JIRA_Key" environment variable. Custom fields are also passed down and spaces are replaced with underscores.

You can see an example of a custom script I use in the screenshot below (configuration dialog is pictured):

This script optionally creates and switches to a new branch. You can also see the custom scripts in the context menu for the selected issue (right-click on selected issue):

This is useful for me because I usually create a new branch for each issue. This extension makes it more likely that I will keep up that very good practice.

Like it? Hate it? You can send me feedback about this or other things, I'm always happy to hear it.

Happy time tracking and have a good week!

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