Sunday, November 29, 2009

New release (1.0.1131) and x64 support for Linux

Note: I suggest everyone upgrade to this release if possible.

It finally happened. After attempting for as long as possible to have a single deb/tgz for 32 and 64-bit on Linux, I gave in and created a 64-bit package. The main reason for this was that Worklog Assistant now uses gnome-keyring to store passwords on Linux. As gnome-keyring is not part of the ia32-libs package, this meant a 64-bit package was needed.

If you install the PAM module, the keyring will be unlocked on login, otherwise the keyring software will prompt you to enter your keyring password when you launch Worklog Assistant.

So now, time tracking for JIRA just got a little bit better on Linux ;-)

There is also one bug fix due to the recent change to group worklogs by issue in the pending worklogs screen.

Thanks for your time and happy time tracking!

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We strongly believe that tracking your time properly is the first step to deterministic software development. If you feel that you have been guessing or you can't be bothered to remember to log time, Worklog Assistant might be for you!

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