Saturday, April 25, 2009

New release (1.0.1078)

A new release is available. It includes some bug fixes and a couple of new features.

One is a little message balloon to remind the user to track time. By default, the balloon pops up every 15 minutes but this can be changed in the configuration dialog. You can ignore the balloon or click it if you want to bring up Worklog Assistant and switch the JIRA task you are working on. An example of the message is below:

The second feature is the ability to do a free text search on a filter's results. If you wanted to quickly look at all your issues that were assigned to the "Core" component without creating a new filter, you would select the filter of all issues assigned to you and type in "Core" into the quick filter text box. An example screenshot is below:
That's all for now. Have a good week and happy time tracking!

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We strongly believe that tracking your time properly is the first step to deterministic software development. If you feel that you have been guessing or you can't be bothered to remember to log time, Worklog Assistant might be for you!

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