Friday, February 6, 2009

The best part

Dear Users,

This post has some things I've been really wanting to say but I thought that I might seem too giddy. Today, I will take that risk because I feel that people should know why I will continue to do this.

Worklog Assistant is a boring application to most people but I have a strange tendency to want to solve boring, repetitive problems.

But that's not the best part.

I've even managed to snag paying customers (thank you!)

But that's not the best part.

The best part is the interaction with people who are using it. I love messages that start with:

"Hi, I find Worklog Assistant to be very useful, but it would be really nice if it could do XYZ"

Usually I respond with something along the lines of:

"What are you trying to accomplish?"

The conversation that results is like gold to me. They haven't always resulted in sales or modifications to the software but what they do is give me insight into organizational processes that I would never be able to experience otherwise.

That's the best part.

Thank you.

Alright, alright, maybe the insight is tied with the paying customers. But if the title of this post was "The tied-for-best part", that would be less interesting!

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