Thursday, October 21, 2010

Custom scripts: that's freaking awesome!

When I initially put out the custom scripts feature in the latest release (documentation), I was a bit worried that no one would be able to see it being useful. No one had asked for it except me! Upon release, I got some very good feedback but nothing that made me too confident.

Today I was pleasantly surprised. Doing the usual customer support rounds, I came across a feature request from "t" which was a bit particular to his/her requirements: the ability to copy a specific JIRA field to the clipboard. I usually try and keep from implementing such specific requests because it clutters the application.

So the first thing I suggested, just because I thought t's workflow was similar to mine, was to do what I did and use custom scripts to do all the checking in/out of source control.

S/he had other things in mind:

sudo apt-get install xclip

and than:

echo $JIRA_Key | xclip

perfect!!! thx

Just to clarify, t realized that s/he could install xclip (the first line) and use a custom script to copy it to the clipboard using xclip (the third line). I could only think of one response:

Haha, that's freaking awesome!

When I added custom scripts, I really wanted to empower the users to do stuff that I wouldn't or couldn't for whatever reason. I'm glad to see that promise fulfilled in this little way. Great job "t"!

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