Friday, January 16, 2009

Mo' useful features

Along with other various updates, two new features as a result of user requests:
  • Add worklog as a comment
  • Enter elapsed time directly as a JIRA time string
Why are these useful? Well, when someone is subscribed to comments and would like to know when you are working on an issue, you can easily notify them by adding your worklog as a comment. For entering elapsed time directly, sometimes we just want to quickly log some time!

A screenshot of both in action is below. In it, I am entering the elapsed time as a JIRA time string by typing in "1.5h". WLA automatically converts this to the canonical <H>h <M>m format. So 1.5h becomes 1h 30m.

Valid strings include:
  • 1.5h
  • 1h 5m
  • 5m
  • 1h
Invalid strings:
  • -1h
  • 1.5h 5m
There must be atleast 1 minute logged. If the format does not parse, WLA does not let you modify the field.

As for the second feature, by checking the box in the rightmost column, a comment is added to the issue which looks like the screenshot below:

If you are not interested in either field, lucky for you, you can right click the column headers and hide the ones you are not interested in.

Enjoy (and let me know how you like these updates!)

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