Sunday, March 28, 2010

New release (1.0.1339): Worklog rounding!

A new release of Worklog Assistant is available:

This update includes a new feature: worklog rounding. Typically, when you log work in JIRA, Worklog Assistant is as accurate as possible, to the second. This results in reports containing odd numbers like 5.833 h which inevitably end up as odd dollar amounts. However, in some situations, you may not want this behaviour.

For example, due to some contractual issue, you may instead want to log 6 hours. Conversely, if the above was 5.45 h, you may instead want to log 5 hours. A "banker's rounding" for time tracking, if you will.

The main control for this functionality is pictured below (found in the "Pending worklogs" tab). I'm not quite sure if the wording helps or hinders, but please let me know either way! As you can also tell, Worklog Assistant will now consolidate all your pending worklogs for a given issue into one. This means that you can apply the rounding to the sum of your pending worklogs, rather than individually, which is probably much closer to what you want.

In any case, I hope you find this new functionality useful. You can find more information in the documentation.

Happy time tracking and have a good week!

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