Sunday, June 28, 2009

New beta with idle-time detection

Quite often, we will walk away from our desktops perhaps to answer a phone call or attend an impromptu meeting. The last thing we would remember to do is to stop our timer on the current task.

Well, now you no longer need to remember! The new beta of Worklog Assistant automatically detects when you are away from your machine and stops the timer on the active task. On your return, Worklog Assistant will tell you how long you were away for and ask whether you want to apply the away time to a JIRA task. This works great for those persistent little interruptions.

You can see the workflow in action here.

I think this is quite possibly the coolest new feature, especially the workflow upon return, and I would be very happy with feedback.

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We strongly believe that tracking your time properly is the first step to deterministic software development. If you feel that you have been guessing or you can't be bothered to remember to log time, Worklog Assistant might be for you!

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