Sunday, May 10, 2009

New release (1.0.1083)

A boring release today: a bug fix and some modifications for Enterprise deployment. If you are unfamiliar with the Worklog Assistant Configurator, it is a tool for Enterprise licensees to help them configure end-user desktops so that the end user only has to enter their username and passwords to start time tracking with JIRA.

I've been concentrating on performance improvements for Worklog Assistant, specifically when it comes to filters with hundreds of issues. Hopefully this will be done in the next week. As always, if you do have some suggestions, please let me know!

Finally, an interesting link I just came across from the JIRA mailing lists: Tempo. This might be of interest to people who are not happy with the time reports of JIRA when it comes to integrated billing.

Have a good week and happy time tracking!

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We strongly believe that tracking your time properly is the first step to deterministic software development. If you feel that you have been guessing or you can't be bothered to remember to log time, Worklog Assistant might be for you!

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