Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beam me up! (New release + Mac)

Hello again.

This week has some updates to make Worklog Assistant work nicely with enterprise ("Beam me up!") deployments. The main changes are:
  • Ability to restrict visible filters via an "admin" console
  • Fully scriptable deployment including license installation
See the release notes (which are more or less a link to the docs!)

WLA is almost Mac capable (just got the Mac yesterday!) so if you are willing to help test on the Mac, send me an email. Please specify your version of the operating system, Intel v. PPC, as well as any suggestions you may have that would make it more "Mac-like". Though I'm also told I have to yet make it "Windows-like" :-)

Right now I'm thinking I need the following:
  • Universal binary
  • App Bundle
Did I get it right?

Thanks and have a good week.

Update: Here is WLA running under Mac. Got my work cut out for me...

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